We Ranked 15 Most Expensive Celebrities to Book

14 September 2016

Some celebrities make most of their money from movie deals or album sales. These expensive celebrities make more from booking fees!

What do people book these expensive celebrities for? For some people, mediocre wedding band or home stereo music player are not enough to boost their private parties up. Thus, they invite popular names to drop by, even if they are not even acquaintances.

Ridiculous? Well, making extra efforts for your special celebration day is not a crime anyway.

We gathered fifteen current popular celebrities with the highest booking fees in the world. These are not the official numbers from their agents. That is not how things work. These numbers are just the estimation based on their net worth (plus some rumors people heard on the floor).

Depending on the occasion, these prices may vary. So, if you are planning to invite a celebrity to your party, you better call their agency to ask for the price and negotiate the deal. Before that, let’s just find out about these fifteen most expensive celebrities to book.

15. Justin Bieber ($1 million)

We Ranked 15 Most Expensive Celebrities to Book | #15. Justin Bieber ($1 million)
We Ranked 15 Most Expensive Celebrities to Book | #15. Justin Bieber ($1 million) | source: utv.ro

Despite the controversies throughout his music career, Justin Bieber is popular. Period. How much is he aware of his popularity? The answer is $1 million.

Rumor has it, Justin Bieber earned that amount of money after performing for an entire hour at a private party earlier this year.

To some, Bieber is now the cool kid with tattoos and developed-taste of music. He hangs out with some world-class athletes like Neymar and Lewis Hamilton. He even had the privilege to stand next to the drivers’ podium in this year’s Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

However, to some others, he is still that sweet little YouTube sensation. He is still showcasing some of his best music, including his latest project with Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo). His fans see his controversies as his struggles in growing up surrounded by glamorous celebrity’s life.

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