Last Week in Luxury #1

13 August 2015

Last Week’s Top Luxury News

We’ve been thinking of starting a luxury news show for a while now with the main purpose of keeping those of you that simply do not have the time to read on the daily!

So, we put together a small project that we’re hoping to grow in time if you guys find it useful!

We called it Last Week in Luxury and it does exactly what it says: we quickly go over the top stories from a previous week with links so you can dive deeper into those that interest you most.

This is another attempt of us to better serve our community that has show us great support when needed.

Here’s the video of the first ever Last Week in Luxury!

Here’s what we talked about & links to all your favorite stories.

First story:

Couple Buys A Dream Island In Cambodia For Only $15,000

Main points:
They leased an undeveloped island for 99 years from the government
 Found investors and along with their own money turned the island into a luxurious retreat
 They’re now selling luxury villas for close to $1 Million each on the island.

2nd story:

Dan Bilzerian Spends Over $650,000 On A Party At Electric Zoo

Main points:
 The party takes place in NYC on the Labor Day Weekend
 Dan paid $650K for him and 200 guests
 You can see the invoice in the article

3rd story:

This Guy Will Pay You $10K Just To Find Him a Girlfriend

Main points:
 29 Years Old, Ren Lu You has been on over 30 date with no luck!
 Deal is: Find him a girlfriend that he’ll date for over 6 months and you get paid.
 He’s not a bad looking guy, see for yourself.

4th story:

Chris Pratt’s Motor from Jurassic World is set for Auction

Main points:
 Original motorcycle used in movie is auctioned for charity!
 It is a custom Triumph Scrambler.
 It will be worth a fortune in a few years!

5th story:

Jesse Pinkman’s House from Breaking Bad Can Be Yours For $1.6 Million

Main points:
 Actual house used in the series is up for sale.
 3,539-square-foot home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two porches and a breakfast nook.
 It really is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hopefully you enjoyed this article and it is the beginning of many more to come!

These were the top luxury news stories that caught our eye last week, let us know what you think in the comments!