10 Lies Everybody Tell Themselves When They’re Drunk

26 October 2014

10 Lies Everybody Tell Themselves When They’re Drunk

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, so let’s remember it with the 10 lies everybody tell themselves when they’re drunk.

I honestly love drunk people, not the ones that are dangerous, but those who simply can’t help but make fools of themselves. Well, that until I am one of them. It’s not so funny anymore then.

But really now, these people have such strong beliefs, brilliant ideas on how to spend a month’s money, amazing stripping skills, the talent of writing dramatic texts to their ex’s and so on. These are some people of many talents, for sure.

So yeah, a night out is fun because bad decisions are exciting as Hell when you’re drunk, but it’s even more exciting when you wake up the next day and you facepalm yourself, maybe start looking for an apartment in another city. Cheers to that!

10.Of course my ex misses me!

Ok, I should probably write especially to girls on this one, we seem to get a little too emotional when drinking, but don’t you think that guys don’t ever do that.

So you’ve already had a couple of beers, about 5 shots and maybe some cocktails, too and memories start flowing back step by step. Not the good memories though, don’t be so naive.

Remember that time when your ex didn’t want to come with you to your parents’ house? Or that time when he didn’t tell you back that he loves you? Oh, but what about that one time when he went out with the guys and left you home all alone? What should you do, what should you do…Tell him, of course!

He must know how jerk he was, right? Because there’s no way he understood that when you broke up with him, no, a drunk text message at 3 AM will be way much clearer.

Oh, that lovely moment when you open the Sent and Inbox folders on your phone the next morning. Whatever, it was about time to change your phone number anyway.

10 Lies Everybody Tell Themselves When They're Drunk | Image Source: http://seriouslyforreal.com/
10 Lies Everybody Tell Themselves When They’re Drunk | Image Source: http://seriouslyforreal.com/
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