These Most Expensive Android Phones Make iPhone Way Cheaper

20 January 2017

These most expensive Android phones exceed iPhone’s luxury and exclusivity.

When we talk about the most expensive mobile phones and gadgets in the world, most people would go straight to iPhones or other products from Apple. Not many people know that Android phones can be as expensive, if not more. So, we are going to prove that with these fifteen most expensive Android phones on the market.

iPhone may be the most popular phone with its iOS in United States. But worldwide, Android phones dominate the general market. One of the reasons is that smartphones with Android operating system are considered to be the most user-friendly.

Some of these Android phones are equipped with high-end technology which we don’t usually find on a smartphone. But some others are just simply beautified with luxury design such as diamond crusts. Whatever the reason is, these Android phones are sold way more expensive than regular ones.

On this list, we ranked them based on the asking price per unit. Please keep in mind that these prices may vary depending on locations due to national tax and currency rates.

15. Savelli Emerald Iguana ($16,000)

15 Most Expensive Android Phones in the World | #15. Savelli Emerald Iguana ($16,000)
15 Most Expensive Android Phones in the World | #15. Savelli Emerald Iguana ($16,000) | source: pinterest.com

We start it off with Savelli smartphone. And this will not be the only one. In fact, Savelli dominates this list. Yes, you will be seeing a lot of jewelry phones, but among other phones on our list, Savelli smartphone is the only one made especially for woman.

It was manufactured by a Swiss company, Savelli, in 2013. The designer of this phone is Alessandro Savelli, who is also the CEO of the company.

Savelli is the first luxury mobile phone conceived as a precious piece of jewelry. It is made of treasured metals and precious materials. In order to elevate it into haute couture, every Savelli smartphone is crafted by hand in the Savelli atelier using the same techniques and materials used in jewelry production.

There are eleven main designs of Savelli luxury smartphone under the name of Jardin Secret collection. One of them is this Savelli Emerald Iguana. It is sold starting from $16,000. And like all phones in Savelli Jardin Secret collection, it is produced as a limited edition.

“Mix of polished stainless steel and 18-carat red gold – End-caps in high-tech, white ceramic – Emerald Iguana leather – Detailing in white caoutchouc – Ultra-Bombé, unscratchable sapphire crystal.” – savelli-geneve.com

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