Most Expensive Animals in the World

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Most Expensive Animals in the World | TOP 10

Planning on buying your kid an animal or just one for yourself? Before you do choose from the most expensive animals in the world and see if you fancy any.

Are you a bird lover or a cat person? Or perhaps you prefer cute little dogs? No matter what you like, the list will help you decide!

But be careful, because these animals have enormous price tags and you can only afford it if you are wealthy like the richest billionaires for example.

If an animal is rare, its price tag will grow depending on how rare is it. Huge money is invested every month to breed the creatures we all love so much.

But who doesn’t love animals? I mean you have to be heartless not to melt at their cuteness.

And the most expensive animals in the world are…

 10. Toucan – $5,000 to $10,000

Toucans are members of the family Ramphastidae, the most closely related to the American Barbets.

Toucans are highly brightened feathers and colorful bills. Its name comes from Portuguese ‘tupi tukana’.

Their diet is fruit eating, but there are captive toucans that have been reported to hunt insects actively in their cages, which make it possible to keep Toucans on an insect-only diet.

If you want to see a real life Toucan, you can visit Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Southern Mexico.

The price tag for these majestic birds doesn’t come from its rarity, because they are extremely popular. Toucans are being sold for minimum $5k but the price can go up to $10,000 due to their beautiful colored feathers.

Most Expensive Animals in the World  TOP 10
Most Expensive Animals in the World TOP 10
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