15 Most Expensive Commercials in the World

9 October 2016

How far would companies go to advertise their products? We are about to answer it with these world’s most expensive commercials!

All of us had that one moment where we sat in front of TV (or laptop) and saw one or two interesting ads. But have you ever wondered how much money invested into the process of making those most expensive commercials?

Advertising is the most powerful tool in the mass media. Big companies understand its significance. And they have considered it as the most important factor in selling their products.

Commercial advertisers often seek to generate increased consumption of their products or services through branding. It involves associating a product name or image with certain qualities in consumers’ mind. But to do that, huge amount of money are needed.

Advertisements can be expensive for many reasons: having exclusive story lines, epic

sets, breath-taking scenery, and various other factors. And most of the time, they can be costly due to exorbitant props or presence of super expensive celebrities.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Here is the countdown to most expensive commercial broadcast ever!

15. GoDaddy.com “The Hearing” – $2.4 million

15 Most Expensive Commercials in the World | #15. GoDaddy.com "The Hearing" - $2.4 million
15 Most Expensive Commercials in the World | #15. GoDaddy.com “The Hearing” – $2.4 million | source: picclick.ca


From time to time, Super Bowl has become one of the most popular ads spots for companies to showcase their product of service. Because this annual event is watched by millions of viewers in United States alone.

Some of them were especially made for the occasion. They tried to do all it takes to grasp viewers’ attention and popularize their brand. To achieve that, they go all out. As a result, most of the commercials have not disappointed. This GoDaddy.com commercial is included.

Depending on your perspective and taste of humor, it may be one of the most amusing ads you would see. It features Candice Michelle, former World Wrestling Entertainment star turned model and actress. All I can say is that this expensive commercial’s theme is… sexy.

How sexy is it? Well, it was supposed to be shown at the Super Bowl Eleven years ago. But it didn’t make the cut due to censorship issues. And it is banned from any TV in the world. That was $2.4 million budget gone to waste. Lucky for you, we have it right here:


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