Most Expensive Lingerie Pieces

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Most Expensive Lingerie Pieces | TOP 10

You’ve seen the most expensive underwear and diamond clothing and from there is just a step to the most expensive lingerie pieces.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the place where most of the lingerie pieces from this list come, but not only from there.

Stay tuned for the sexiest lingerie pieces in the world. Guys, I know you’ll love this top.

The most expensive lingerie pieces are…

10. Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt – $20,000

Looks a bit odd to you? Yea, thought so.

The idea for the chastity belt came from a South African goldsmith and jeweler Uwe Koetter. In 2002 he came up with the idea of a chastity belt.

A common thing turned into a luxury piece. Uwe created the belt for a British client from Cape Town.

He designed Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt that features pearls, and diamonds encrusted. The history of chastity belts can be traced back to the Renaissance era, as a mean to keep a lady faithful by putting her private parts under lock and key.

We guess that Uwe’s client must be a woman too, right? Because she wanted to bring back the tradition?

Most Expensive Lingerie Pieces | TOP 10 | N10. Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt – $20,000
Most Expensive Lingerie Pieces | TOP 10 | N10. Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt – $20,000
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