Top 15 Richest Tennis Players in The World

3 May 2019

How much do you get from playing tennis professionally? These richest tennis players will give you the idea.

Tennis has been one of the popular sporting events that attract global audience. When you think of tennis players, you will definitely come up with several well-known personalities who have made their name in the world of tennis. These richest tennis players are definitely some of them.

Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, these are only some of the best tennis players of all time who, with their proven skills and abilities, have earned huge amount of money.

A tennis player earns money mostly from the tournaments’ prize, such as Wimbledon and Roland Garros. Top players also enjoy earning from the luxury of endorsements deals. A few others even step their game up to build their own business.

If these are new terms for you, here are a video that might serve you well:

In this article, we take a look at all time tennis players’ wealth according to the total amount of prize money they have earned throughout their career. For their estimated net worth, check out this article: 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players in the World.

15. Yevgeny Kafelnikov – Net Worth: $24 Million

Top 15 Richest Tennis Players in The World | 15. Yevgeny Kafelnikov - $23,883,797
Top 15 Richest Tennis Players in The World | #15. Yevgeny Kafelnikov – $23,883,797 | source: zimbio.com

Yevgeny Kafelnikov was the world number one in 1999. He started his professional tennis career in 1992 and ended it in 2003. His last match was in Ukraine, 2003. He played a doubles match alongside Ivan Sergeyev.

Throughout his entire eleven years of professional tennis career, he earned a total of $23,883,797 prize money. Besides that, he won 26 singles titles and 27 doubles titles.

Yevgeny was born on February 2, 1974. Alongside Marat Safin, he is not just an athlete or a former tennis player. He is a tennis legend.

He was the first Russian to ever win a major title. History was made in 1996 when he won the Roland Garros title. Three years after that, he won another major title, the Australian Open.

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