15 Technologies that are Changing the World

21 November 2016

14. Electric Vehicle

15 Technologies that are Changing the World | #14. Electric Vehicle
15 Technologies that are Changing the World | #14. Electric Vehicle | source: twitter.com

Do you know that fossil fuel is limited? Someday, there will be none of them left it the world. So, now we are switching to renewable source of energy like electricity. While most of our daily appliances have used electricity as power source, vehicles still consume a great amount of fossil fuel. And unfortunately, 75% of the world’s CO emission comes from automobiles.

Then, there was the invention of electric vehicle. Robert Anderson invented one in the 1830s. But it was not popular because of one big issue: the manufacturing cost is high, yet the top speed of the vehicle is low. Regardless, Thomas Parker managed to produce one in 1884.

Years after years of developing this technology, thanks to one man’s determination of making the world a better place, we have electric cars with better efficiency, performance, and look. Elon Musk‘s Tesla is arguably the best electric car manufacturer in the world today.

And even the world of motorsport is taking its part in the world of electric vehicle. While Formula 1 is wasting a lot of fuel (even after its 100 kg fuel limitation), FIA came up with a new car racing series, Formula E, in which all of the cars are battery-powered. Maybe someday these cars can match the excitement of Formula 1 car racing.

Have you done your part? Well, for those who are not completely sure about using electric car, there is an alternative: hybrid car. This type of car uses both fuel and battery as source of power.

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