Top 15 World’s Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built

27 September 2016

14. Octopus – $200 million

Top 15 World's Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built | #14. Octopus - $200 million
Top 15 World’s Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built | #14. Octopus – $200 million | source: yachtcharterfleet.com

He is one of the richest men who co-founded one of the most successful companies and bought one of the richest NBA teams. Paul Allen’s life does not get better than that! Oh wait a minute, it does get better with this luxurious yacht of his, the Octopus.

Octopus is a 414-foot mega yacht which has its own submarines. Allen hired a German shipbuilding company, Lürssen, to custom build this beauty. It cost him around $200 million back in early 2000s. That is nothing compared to his $19 billion of estimated net worth.

Inside Octopus, there are forty one suites available. To entertain its guests, it is equipped with cinema, recording studio, and even a basketball court on board. One of its special features is the glass-bottom swimming pool where you can still see the ocean below while swimming in safer and cleaner water.

More than seventy people, including the crew, can get on board. While Allen is not using Octopus for his private parties, he lends it for scientific research purposes and rescue missions.

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