People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Happier

15 April 2015

Spend Money On Experiences instead of things and Life changes for the better!

Things will not make you happy! – now that’s a weird thing to read on an website dedicated to the finest things money can buy, a place where we feature luxury on the daily basis and show you on what exactly do the world’s richest spend their fortunes.

For those of you thinking “Money will not make you happy” we’ve already established that this kind of thinking is exactly what’s stopping you from being great, but today’s story is not about that. Of course money can make you happy, the deal is to know how – and more precisely on what– to spend it!

By no means are we trying to say that increasing the comfort in your life is a bad thing or that you should stop buying fine crafted items and move into the woods, spending the rest of your days as a hermit – although doesn’t that sound like a great experience? at least for a while? – but we will be looking at how the purchases you make in your daily life impact the level of general happiness you experience along the way.

Buying things for yourself will make you happy! It has to do with the chemicals in your brain; but very similar to coffee, or something sweet, that feeling will dose off after a short period of time. In order to maintain that level of satisfaction we keep on buying things that we mostly do not need.

These items we purchase so quickly have a short happiness-span, meaning they do not impact our emotional state for the better over longer periods of time.

So what does stick with us for the long-haul? Diamonds are forever aren’t they?

Yes indeed, diamond are forever, but so is plastic; the level of enthusiasm associated with an item does not come from the actual object but the memories we associate with them, in the case of a diamond ring, these feelings are being in love, looking as great as you will ever look and the youthful energy running through your body. That’s what makes diamonds such incredibly expensive items to buy.

Just think about it: At the end of your days will it matter that for a while you had the iPhone 6 Plus while the others were still using the iPhone 5? Of course not!

The smart and rich have figured this out early on, giving birth to minimalist living, that’s why you see people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or the late Steve Jobs dress the way they do.

In a world where everybody is trying to be different we sure as hell are working our asses off in order to purchase the same things.

That’s the irony of wealth and the beauty of spending your money on experiences!

The way you experience one thing differs from the way another does, making it as unique as you can get it today’s world. Freedom to Travel has become a new measurement for success exactly because of this; although you still purchase the plane ticket the experience is truly yours and compared to your aged technology products it will stick with you along the way.

But how do you decide on what your money should go towards?

Search for Happiness not for Fame!

While some people buy things in order to stand out other buy the exact same thing just so they can fit in. That’s the craziness with the paradox of purchase, because no matter how much you try, you will not be able to fit in while being different enough.

Pursuing happiness rather than admiration will massively impact the way your life is going by, since you no longer feel the pressure to gain approval of those around you, but can focus your energy on fulfilling yourself.

Happiness can be cheap or even free!

Some people throw money at it but still they seem unable to become happy, that is because happiness lies in the little things, in the way the sun is reflected out the water, in the way your mother smiles or in the way a stranger thanks you for a kind gesture you did without even thinking about.

The thing about happiness is that being happy or not is a choice, not something you can purchase without altering your current state or environment.

Meditation is an amazing way of regrouping and making sense of all the questions and worries that take space inside of you.

Happiness comes from trying new things!

Think of it like this: You’re opening a box of chocolate, the first piece you eat is the best one, your body is pleased, your brain is pumping, you’re loving it! The second bite is still incredibly good but just a little bit less. If you keep eating piece by piece the satisfaction you’re getting with each bite is slowly dropping up to a point in which you no longer feel pleasure. If you keep going you might even get sick!

The same thing happens with your livelihood and your happiness-pool, you need to try new experiences, embrace risk, new environments in order to complement your already existing happy memories.

The best experiences are alive for a limited time but live on as memories!

The differentiating factor that makes an experience memorable or not is the fact that it has an ending, it is over and the best ones can not be re-lived.

That thrill, that rush, although it passed, it is somehow embedded inside your soul, inside your mind giving birth to memories and stories that can be shared a million times and yet you still have them with you.

Follow that feeling for these are the moments that make you feel alive!

People dive into the Mediterranean Sea on a hot summer’s day in Nice, southern France, 21 July 2014. – Image by © SEBASTIEN NOGIER/epa/Corbis

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Hopefully this article got you thinking about your next purchase and whether or not it will provide you with sustainable happiness.

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